How Much are the DWI Offender Education Workshops in Texas?

The DWI Offender Education course is, essentially, a punishment meted out to first-time DWI offenders as a condition for keeping their driver’s license. The DWI Offender Education Workshop is a training course for aspiring DWI Offender Education Instructors and is open only to candidates with the minimum education and experience qualifications.

The DWI Offender Education Program

The DWI Offender Education Program is a 12-hour course presented in four-hour sessions over three days (typically consecutive days). Class may be held in the mornings, afternoons or evenings. The subject matter focuses on the following issues:

  • How alcohol affects your driving
  • How to evaluate your own alcohol use and driving habits
  • How to prevent yourself from driving while intoxicated in the future

The course focuses on alcoholism itself as much as it does DWI.

Do not confuse the DWI Offender Education program with the DWI Intervention Program (designed for repeat DWI offenders). The course material is different, and a license to teach one does not qualify you to teach the other.

Prerequisites to Applying for the Workshop

To be admitted to the DWI Offender Education Workshop for instructor training, you must meet the following qualifications:

  • Hold an associate’s degree in psychology, counseling, social work, criminal justice or another field specified by the Texas Administrative Code; or
  • Be qualified as a Licensed Chemical Dependency Counselor, psychologist, probation officer, licensed social worker or another profession listed by the Texas Administrative Code, and
  • Possess one year of relevant experience in case management or education in the field of substance abuse or mental health.

Instructor Workshops

The cost for the instructor workshop is $425. Courses for Texas applicants are offered in Austin only, 3-4 times per year at locations to be announced in advance. To obtain a seat you must submit an application. Space is very limited and seats are allocated on a first-come first serve basis. Application forms are available at
, and may be submitted online. Do not send money with the applications – you may pay on-site, and personal checks not accepted.

Maintaining Certification

You license will be valid for two years. During this time you must teach at least four classes, and you must either attend at least one departmental “in service” (for $125) or complete 20 hours of related continuing education classes. In service sessions are conducted several times a year in San Antonio, Houston, McAllen, Dallas, Corpus Christi, College Station or Fort Worth (a different location for each session)

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How Much are the DWI Offender Education Workshops in Texas?

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