Aggravated Sexual Assault

Aggravated Sexual Assault Lawyer

Any allegation of Sexual Assault is serious. An Aggravated Sexual Assault charge raises the possible consequences and punishment. A strong defense with an Aggravated Sexual Assault Attorney is imperative to avoid the pitfalls that can result from a sexual assault charge.

The Texas Penal Code carries laws against sexual assault that occur within certain circumstances. These “special circumstances” can lead to a charge of “aggravated sexual assault,” which carries a more severe penalty upon conviction.

The following are instances where the State of Texas can enter a charge of aggravated sexual assault if the accused:

  • Causes serious bodily injury or attempts to cause the death of the victim or another person
  • Causes the victim to fear that the death, bodily injury, or kidnapping of another person will occur
  • Threatens to kill, injure, or kidnap another
  • Uses or brandishes a deadly weapon such as a gun or knife
  • The victim is younger than 14 years of age; 65 years of age or older, or is disabled

Sexual Assault Punishments in Texas

In Texas, the charge of Sexual Assault carries a punishment for a second degree felony charge. This can result in from 2 to 20 years in prison and/or a fine of $10,000. The charge of aggravated sexual assault is a first degree felony which carries a range of punishment, from 5 to 99 years in prison and/or a fine of $10,000. In some circumstances, such as the age of the victim or in the physical brutality of the attack, aggravated sexual assault can result in a life sentence.

A conviction of aggravated sexual assault also will result in lifetime registration as a sex offender with the State of Texas. As a sex offender, that individual will be subject to severe restrictions on what jobs they can hold, where they live, and eligibility for a number of federal and state aid programs.

Aggravated Sexual Assault Charges Defense

If you are facing severe penalties for conviction of aggravated sexual assault, you should immediately contact an experienced sex crime attorney. An experienced attorney will be familiar with Texas sexual assault laws and prosecution and have the ability to zealously defend the charges and find weaknesses in th state’s case. An aggressive and thorough review of the alleged evidence and potential witnesses can lead to a possible dismissal or a reduced sentence.

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