How to Become an Approved Provider for the DWI Intervention Program?

The Texas DWI Intervention Program is an educational program that is mandatory for repeat DWI offenders in Texas (a separate program applies to first-time DWI offenders) and certain substance abusers. Failure to complete the program results in revocation of the offender’s driver’s license, and the license cannot be renewed until the program is completed. The course is 32 hours long and covers topics such as alcoholism, the physical and psychological effects of drugs and alcohol and drug dependency, effects of substance abuse of family members, treatment options, personal responsibility, irrational belief systems, coping skills, various psychological issues and relapse prevention.

Becoming an Approved Provider

Repeat DWI offenders cannot receive credit for completing the Texas DWI Intervention Program unless the program they attend is approved by the Texas state government. Following are the actions necessary to obtain such approval:

Either become a DWI Intervention Program Instructor by meeting the qualifications yourself, or hire a qualified Instructor to teach the classes on your behalf.

To qualify as an instructor you must be a Licensed Chemical Dependency Counselor or hold another listed qualifications such as psychologist, probation officer, licensed social worker or one of certain other qualifications that are specifically permitted by the Texas Administrative Code. You must also possess two years of relevant clinical experience, and you must satisfactorily complete a training workshop and pay a $420 application fee.

To locate a qualified instructor in your area, visit, the “Online Licensing Services” page of the Texas Department of State Health Services website, and follow the prompts. If you cannot locate a willing instructor, you may recruit a qualified candidate and have them complete the training workshop.

Submit the online approval application form and pay the $300 application fee. You will then be listed as an approved provider of the Texas DWI Intervention Program in the online database of the Texas Department of State Health Services

After obtaining approval, maintain your qualification by presenting the program in exactly the manner prescribed in an operations manual that will be provided to you by the Texas Department of State Health Services. You must offer at least one class per month to maintain your qualification. You must insist that the student follow strict program rules (including attendance policies and abstinence from the use of alcohol and drugs during the course), and your classes may be monitored by the state from time to time.

Typical course fees per student are about $250.

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How to Become an Approved Provider for the DWI Intervention Program?

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