Construction Begins on West Lake Houston Parkway in 2016

Houston drivers, prepare for more delays: construction has begun on the West Lake Houston Parkway’s pedestrian tunnel.

There will be a new traffic pattern on the road, as contractors have closed the northbound lanes between Sycamore Springs Drive and Appalachian Trail. Now, drivers will be detoured down West Lake Houston Parkway’s new southbound lanes. This could last for 60 days or more while the new pedestrian tunnel is built, though the crew admits it could take longer if weather doesn’t cooperate with their schedule.

Drivers will be made well aware of the roadway changes and reminded while on the road and banners, signs and flagmen to lead the way. City of Houston officials are also working closely with the Houston Police Department, whose officers will monitor the area and implement traffic control if needed.

At the project’s end, both drivers and pedestrians will be safer: the crossing will be protected and people will be off of the roadways. The safety of the nearby greenbelt trail will also be improved, as users can cross easily from side to side.

And, while the 60-day project will undoubtedly cause traffic delays, it’s nothing new to Houstonians. In fact, a recent study by the American Insurance Center ranked Houston ninth on the list of the American cities with the worst traffic jams. On average, residents lose 61 hours per year to traffic — that’s almost 20 more hours than the average American who spends 42 hours per year on congested roadways.

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Construction Begins on West Lake Houston Parkway in 2016

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