Sexual Violence in Texas

Lawyers who work with sexual assault cases know that there is a lot more variation in sexual assault cases than just the stereotypical view that you often see on TV. Thanks to awareness campaigns, most people now know that not all sexual assaults take place when a woman is walking outside alone at night and a stranger attacks her; rather, in most cases of sexual violence take place between people who already knew each other before the attack. Likewise, not all date rapes happen at college parties where everyone is drinking heavily. Here are some other facts and figures about sexual violence that might surprise you.

Not All Victims of Rape and Sexual Assault are Female

Approximately one out of every 10 cases of rape involves a male victim. When it comes to sexual assaults other than rape, attacks on men are even more common. The percentage of gay and bisexual men who have been targets of sexual violence (not including rape) is 40%, which is similar to the percentage of female victims of sexual violence, regardless of sexual orientation.  Heterosexual men are less likely to experience sexual violence than women and gay and bisexual men, but approximately one in five straight men will be a target of sexual violence during his lifetime.

The Prevalence of Child Sexual Abuse is Disturbingly High

Approximately a quarter of all girls will be sexually abused at least once during childhood or adolescence. Likewise, about one out of every six boys will experience sexual abuse before he reaches adulthood. More than three quarters of people convicted of sexual abuse of children are adults, and 96% of them are male.

Failure to Report Rape and Sexual Assault is Much More Common Than False Accusations

At least a third of all rapes are never reported to law enforcement. Among college students, the chances that a victim will report a sexual assault are much lower; only one out of 10 college students who experience a sexual assault will report the attack. Meanwhile, only about one out of every eight incidences of child sexual abuse ever results in legal action. An alleged victim formally bringing a false accusation of sexual assault, however, is much less common. Less than 8% of rape allegations are false reports, meaning that an investigation determines that the attack never actually took place.  This figure does not include baseless reports, where an investigation determines that, although there was an attack, it does not meet the legal definition of rape.  It also does not include unsubstantiated reports of child sexual abuse, in which there is not enough evidence to make a convincing case against the defendant.

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Sexual Violence in Texas
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