Sheldon ISD School Bus Accident at Garrett Road and C.E. King Parkway

On Wednesday, September 21st, a school bus in the Sheldon Independent School District was struck from behind by a pick up truck northeast of Houston, Texas in Harris County. The incident occurred Wednesday morning just after 8:00 at the intersection of C.E. King Parkway and Garrett Road. According to representatives from the school district, the school bus was traveling to Garrett Elementary school when it was rear ended.

There were 34 kids on the school bus when it was struck from behind. Fortunately, no one on the person or in the pick up truck was injured. The cause of the accident is still unknown but local authorities continue to investigate the incident.

Sheldon Independent School District released a statement following the crash, “A Sheldon ISD school bus (Bus # 112) carrying 34 Garrett Elementary students was struck from behind this morning at a traffic light located at the intersection of Garrett Road and C.E. King Parkway. EMS and fire personnel arrived at the scene and indicated no one was injured in the accident. All students and drivers were checked by emergency responders, and no injuries were found. Sheldon ISD administrators indicated that all students will be transported to school within the next few minutes. Parents of the students who were on the bus are being notified at this time.”

School buses are the largest type of mass transit in the United States. Approximately 27 school aged children die in school bus accidents every year. Seven of these are passengers in a school bus and twenty are pedestrians. Of these twenty pedestrians, fourteen are killed by school buses and the other six are killed by other vehicles involved in a school bus accident.

If your child was injured or killed in a Houston school bus accident, you may be eligible to seek compensation for your loss.

Sheldon ISD School Bus Accident at Garrett Road and C.E. King Parkway

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