Houston Ranks in the Top 10 for Worst Traffic

In a recent study by the Auto Insurance Center, Houston ranked in the top 10 for a number of different categories related to the worst traffic and/or congestion. In terms of cities with the worst traffic, Houston ranked number nine. Houston also ranked in the top 10 for annual cost and time per commuter for wasted time and fuel. These are statistics in which Houston should not be proud.

Over the last several years, the road construction in Houston, Texas has gotten out of control. Whether you live north of downtown or south of the downtown area you have had to deal with a significant amount of traffic getting to and from work. Unfortunately, the congestion has also caused an increase in the number of vehicular accidents throughout the entire area of Houston.

At the Mario Madrid Law Firm we field phone calls every day from individuals that have been injured in a Houston car accident. Many times, these individuals are in an accident because another driver was distracted or wasn’t paying attention to what they were doing. When sitting in traffic in any part of Houston it is very easy to pull out an iPhone or Android and check email, send a text or look at Facebook updates. Sadly, this type of behavior can be extremely dangerous and possibly fatal.

Before assuming that just because you are only going 20 or 30 mph in a traffic jam that it is safe to look at a phone, consider the other people around you. Other drivers are at danger when you are stopping and going while looking at Facebook or Snapchat. Rather than distracting yourself with a smartphone or any other device, pay attention to the road at all times.

One of the ways in which we can reduce traffic in Houston is to avoid accidents altogether. Note that not all accidents can be avoid, but many can. Do yourself a favor and put your smartphone in your glove compartment before you start driving your vehicle. If you want more information as it pertains to your legal rights check out our Houston car accident lawyer resource. We do our best to update this resource on a consistent basis.

Houston Ranks in the Top 10 for Worst Traffic

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