Woman Stops Sam Houston Tollway Traffic to Save … a Cat?

When you stop your car in the middle of the Sam Houston Tollway, expect other drivers to be a bit catty — especially if you’re doing so to save a feral cat.

On Tuesday, August 23, a female driver noticed a stray cat making its way down the tollway near Westview in West Houston. In an attempt to save the animal, she stopped her car, got out and tried to corral and catch it.

Of course, approaching a stray animal in the middle of a busy roadway isn’t something you’d expect to go over well with other drivers or with the cat itself. The woman attempting to save the animal received jeers and gestures from drivers forced to stop or go around her chase. The cat avoided her attempts to carry it to safety, too.

Fortunately, the Harris County Toll Road Authority’s Incident Response Team and a Harris County Deputy Constable arrived on the scene to aid the woman in her quest to save the cat. Together, they secured the animal. The woman then got back into her car and went on her way; the traffic surrounding her stopped vehicle got on its way, too.

The HCTRA took the incident as an opportunity to remind drivers that some hazards simply require the work of a professional. Because so many road-related incidents involve animals, the HCTRA’s Incident Response Team has training in this area. They advise drivers in future situations to call instead of trying to wrangle wild animals on their own.

This story just goes to show that you never know what awaits you when you hit the roads and tollways in Houston and beyond. Whether it’s a stray animal, congestion or questionable decision-making by the driver next to you, there’s always a reason why accidents happen. A seasoned attorney can look at that reason and the part you played in order to determine if you have the right to take legal action after an accident. Contact the team at Mario Madrid Law Firm today to get started on your case and the settlement you deserve.

Woman Stops Sam Houston Tollway Traffic to Save … a Cat?

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